DALEX 1.3.0

  • DALEX now fully supports multiclass classification.
  • explain() will use new residual function (1 - true class probability) if multiclass classification is detected.
  • model_performance() now support measures for multiclass classification.
  • Remove ggpubr from suggests.
  • lossFunction argument is now deprecated in plot.model_performance(). Use the loss_function argument.
  • model_profile color changed to colors_discrete_drwhy(1) which impacts the color of the line in plot.model_profile

DALEX 1.2.1

  • fixed tests and WARNINGs on CRAN
  • model_profile for Accumulated Local rofiles by default use centering (center = TRUE)
    • deprecate n_sample argument in model_parts (now it’s N) (#175)

DALEX 1.2.0

  • ingredients and iBreakDown are now imported by DALEX


  • updated title for plot.model_performance (#160).
  • in explain removed check related to duplicated target variable (#164).


  • variable_profile calls ingredients::ceteris_paribus (#131).
  • variable_response and feature_response moved to variable_effect and now it calls ingredients::partial_dependency (#131).
  • prediction_breakdown moved to variable_attribution and now it calls iBreakDown::break_down (#131).
  • updated variable_importance, not it calls the ingredients::variable_importance (#131).
  • updated model_performance (#130).
  • added yhat for lrm models from rms package
  • theme_drwhy has now left aligned title and subtitle.
  • residuals_distribution calculates now diagnostic plots based on residuals (#143).
  • model_performance calculates several metrics for classification and regression models (#146).
  • plot.model_performance now supports ROC charts, LIFT charts, Cummulative Gain charts, histograms, boxplots and ecdf
  • residuals_distributon is now individual_diagnostics and produces objects of the class individual_diagnostics_explainers
  • plot.individual_diagnostics_explainers now plots objects of the class individual_diagnostics_explainers
  • yhat for caret models now returns matrix instead of data.frame
  • model_diagnostics new function that plots residuals againes selected variable
  • names of functions are changed to be compliant with latest version of the XAI pyramide

DALEX 0.4.9

  • updated titanic_imputed (#113).
  • added weights to the explainer. Note that not all explanations know how to handle weights (#118).
  • yhat() and model_info() now support models created with gbm package.

DALEX 0.4.8

DALEX 0.4.7

  • new dataset titanic_imputed as requested in (#104).
  • the explain() function now detects if target variable y is present in the data as requested in (#103).
  • the DALEX GitHub repository is transfered from pbiecek/DALEX to ModelOriented/DALEX.

DALEX 0.4.6

  • Examples updated. Now they use only datasets available from DALEX.
  • yhat.H2ORegressionModel and yhat.H2OBinomialModel moved to (DALEXtra) and merged into explain_h2o() function.
  • yhat.WrappedModelmoved to (DALEXtra) and merged as explain_mlr() function.
  • Wrapper for scikit-learn models restored in (DALEXtra) package.
  • loss_one_minus_auc function added to loss_functions.R. It uses 1-auc to compute loss. Function created by Alicja Gosiewska.
  • Extension for DALEX avaiable at (DALEXtra)

DALEX 0.4.5

  • the explain() function is more verbose. With verbose = TRUE (default) it prints detailed information about elements of an explainer (#95).

DALEX 0.4.4

DALEX 0.4.3

  • New support for scikit-learn models via scikitlearn_model()

DALEX 0.4.2

  • New yhat functions for mlr, h2o and caret packages (added by Szymon).

DALEX 0.4.1

  • plot.variable_importance_explainer() has now desc_sorting argument. If FALSE then variable importance will be sorted in an increasing order (#41).

DALEX 0.4.0

DALEX 0.3.1

  • updated filenames


  • pdp, factorMerger and ALEPlot are going to Suggested. (#60). In next releases they will be deprecated.
  • added predict function that calls the predict_function hidden in the explainer object. (#58).

DALEX 0.2.9

  • the titanic dataset is copied from stablelearner package. Some features are transformed (some NA replaced with 0, more numeric features).

DALEX 0.2.8

  • DALEX is being prepared for tighter integration with iBreakDown and ingredients.
  • temporally there is a duplicated single_variable and single_feature
  • Added new theme_drwhy().
  • New arguments in the plot.variable_importance_explainer(). Namely bar_width with widths of bars and show_baseline if baseline shall be included in these plots.
  • New skin in the plot.variable_response_explainer().
  • New skin in the plot.prediction_breakdown_explainer().

DALEX 0.2.7

  • Test datasets are now named apartments_test and HR_test
  • For binary classification we return just a second column. NOTE: this may cause some unexpected problems with code dependend on defaults for DALEX 0.2.6.

DALEX 0.2.6

  • New versions of yhat for ranger and svm models.

DALEX 0.2.5

  • Residual distribution plots for model performance are now more legible when multiple models are plotted. The styling of plot and axis titles have also been improved (@kevinykuo).
  • The defaults of single_prediction() are now consistent with breakDown::broken(). Specifically, baseline is now 0 by default instead of "Intercept". The user can also specify the baseline and other arguments by passing them to single_prediction (@kevinykuo, #39). WARNING: Change in the default value of baseline.
  • New yhat.* functions help to handle additional parameters to different predict() functions.
  • Updated CITATION info

DALEX 0.2.4

  • New dataset HR and HRTest. Target variable is a factor with three levels. Is used in examples for classification.
  • The plot.model_performance() has now show_outliers parameter. Set it to anything >0 and observations with largest residuals will be presented in the plot. (#34)

DALEX 0.2.3

  • Small fixes in variable_response() to better support of gbm models (c8393120ffb05e2f3c70b0143c4e92dc91f6c823).
  • Better title for plot_model_performance() (e5e61d0398459b78ea38ccc980c4040fd853f449).
  • Tested with breakDown v 0.1.6.

DALEX 0.2.2

  • The single_variable() / variable_response() function uses predict_function from explainer (#17)

DALEX 0.2.1

DALEX 0.2.0

  • New names for some functions: model_performance(), variable_importance(), variable_response(), outlier_detection(), prediction_breakdown(). Old names are now deprecated but still working. (#12)
  • A new dataset apartments - will be used in examples
  • variable_importance() allows work on full dataset if n_sample is negative
  • plot_model_performance() uses ecdf or boxplots (depending on geom parameter).

DALEX 0.1.8

  • Function single_variable() supports factor variables as well (with the use of factorMerger package). Remember to use type='factor' when playing with factors. (#10)
  • Change in the function explain(). Old version has an argument predict.function, now it’s predict_function. New name is more consistent with other arguments. (#7)
  • New vigniette for xgboost model (#11)

DALEX 0.1.1

  • Support for global model structure explainers with variable_dropout() function


  • DALEX package is now public
  • explain() function implemented
  • single_prediction() function implemented
  • single_variable() function implemented