iBreakDown 1.0

iBreakDown 0.9.9

  • Description of break_down explainer added
  • Description of break_down_uncertainty explainer added
  • plotD3 for shap added
  • chose first row when passing more than one new_observation

iBreakDown 0.9.8

  • New version of D3 plots in plotD3().
  • Updated color palettes consistent with changes in DALEX 0.4.4

iBreakDown 0.9.6

  • Function local_attributions_uncertainty() now supports path = "average" argument and plots shapley values (#29).
  • Function local_attributions_uncertainty() is renamed to break_down_uncertainty().
  • Function shap() is an alias for break_down_uncertainty().
  • binder is removed as it was not used.

iBreakDown 0.9.5

  • methodology behind iBreakDown is described on arXiv and linked in the CITATION

iBreakDown 0.9.4

  • code refactoring
  • added local_attributions_uncertainty() function that measures uncertanity behind additive attributions

iBreakDown 0.9.3

  • breakDown2 has changed name to iBreakDown

iBreakDown 0.9.2

iBreakDown 0.9.1

  • added plotD3() function, that uses r2d3 package to generate interactive D3 plots

iBreakDown 0.9.0

  • Greedy strategies with time complexity O(p^2) are removed.
  • iBreakDown is forked from breakDown version 0.2.0