auditor 1.3.4 - developer version Unreleased

  • more stable AUC computation #157

auditor 1.3.3 2021-07-26

  • updated documentation

auditor 1.3.1 Unreleased

  • bugfix: score_auc()
  • add spellcheck
  • fix spelling
  • markdown added to suggests

auditor 1.3.0 2020-05-28

  • new default color palette DALEX::colors_discrete_drwhy
  • depend on R v3.5 to comply with DALEX
  • Allow for some deprecated names in plot() function, to make it compatible with the paper auditor: an R Package for Model-Agnostic Visual Validation and Diagnostics in The R Journal,
  • add arrow_size to plot_pca and increase the default width value to 2
  • add show_rugs to plot_residual_density which allows to hide the rugs layer
  • add score_auprc which calculates the AUPRC measure
  • add plot_prc which plots the Precision-Recall Curve
  • use stringsAsFactors=TRUE when creating data.frame in model_*() functions
  • add coord_fixed to plot_coord_fixed
  • add predict_funcion and residual_function to audit function

auditor 1.2.0 2020-02-18

  • Change score parameter to type in score() function
  • Fix a bug in calculating Cook’s distances
  • Fix a bug in plotting Lift Charts

auditor 1.1.1 Unreleased

  • Add data and cutoff parameter to several score_x functions.
  • Add score_gini, score_one_minus_gini, and score_r2 functions

auditor 1.1.0 2019-09-24

  • Szymon Maksymiuk is now contributor
  • New score functions: score_acc, score_f1, score_precision, score_recall, score_specificity, score_one_minus_acc, score_one_minus_auc, score_one_minus_f1, score_one_minus_precision, score_one_minus_specificity, score_one_minus_recall

auditor 1.0.0 2019-08-31

  • Tomasz Mikołajczyk, Hubert Baniecki, and Michał Burdukiewicz are now contributors :)
  • New names of functions #95, the old ones are now depreciated.
  • All plots gained new drWhy theme.
  • modelEvaluation() return one consistent data frame.
  • Unnecessary Imports and Suggests removed from DESCRIPTION.
  • Interactive D3 plots were added.
  • Repository with the auditor package was moved to new GitHub organization (ModelOriented).

auditor 0.3.2 Unreleased

auditor 0.3.1 2018-09-19

  • Repository with the auditor package was moved to new GitHub organization (MI^2 DataLab).

auditor 0.3.0 2018-08-27

auditor 0.2.1 2018-05-13

  • In the source code, function isFALSE() is replaced by == FALSE to make package compatible with R versions older than 3.5.